Darlene Jones

Pistol-packin’ Mama

Pistol-packin’ Mama, Darlene Jones, hails from Kansas City, Kansas where she studied and received her Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of Missouri. She has loved popping-off since she was 13 years old. Her music has taken her to all parts of the world, performing with different groups and using all styles of drumming. Teaching drums daily maintains her technique and keeps her up on all the latest grooves. She currently plays with Blues County Sheriff following eight years in the snare line for Seattle Seahawks Blue Thunder drumline. Listen and watch our Pistol-packin’ Mama pop-off, and you will feel the energy. She loves a crowd.

Gant Eichrodt

The Harpoon

A fixture in the South Sound music scene for nearly three decades, The Harpoon also answers to Mojo Man, Harmonica Man, Gorfalamu (online) and “Hey you harp guy ya wanna play?”

He has played just about every venue in the area with a variety of artists and groups from classic folk (Kay & Dusty Rhodes) to rock ‘n’ roll (The Rainier Movers) to Texas blues (Stevie Mendoza, Showdown) and performed with his own band, The Pumphouse Blues Band which included the legendary boogie piano player Peter “Daddy Cool” Dana and the young guitar phenom, Jude Bowerman.

The Harpoon is online as well, sharing music and collaborations with fellow players on Harmonicaboogie.com and has a website of his original work and recordings at Soundclick.com/gorfalamu. Once a year he teaches a blues harmonica class at the Northwest Annual Harmonica Jamboree where he gives away in an hour what took him 15 years to discover.

As The Harpoon tells it, “I learned to play harp in the pre-internet years when the harmonica was a strange little instrument, an ill wind few blew well and whose secrets were arcane and closely kept by the cognicetti. I spent thousands of hours listening to the greats; Little Walter, Butterfield, Cotton, Musselwhite, PT Gazelle and dozens of others, wondering all the while, “How the hell did he do THAT?” I finally figured I could never learn to do THAT and just played what sounded goodto me. Been doing it ever since.”

Fred Kellogg

Cleanhead Fred

Fred Kellogg has a long history of solid bass playing in blues, rock and his one jazz trio The Committee which has been together since 2007. He has worked with three of the very best blues guitarist’s in the Pacific Northwest: Tom Boyle (The Steamers), Henry Cooper (Los Xplorers) and Steve Trembley (The Steve Trembley Band). Prior to working with the Blues County Sheriff, he worked with John ‘Scooch’ Cugno and the 88’s, who toured all over Washington, including a performance at the 2013 Rock Cut Blues Festival. His musical interests go beyond the blues: He has hosted his avant-garde jazz show Free Jazz with Fred for Olympia radio station KAOS 89.3 FM since May 1999. He was curator of the Olympia Experimental Music Festival (2013 & 2015), performs rock & experimental music with two bands from Eugene, Or. (The Long Division Trio and The Giant Worm- who have both performed at the Experimental Fest), and is an occasional beat-boxer (Beat Box Fred) who recently has been working with fellow KAOS programmer (Brett Athey as ‘Beat Box Fred and the Furious Force/Other Guy,)

Michael Shea

Dr. Silk

Mike Shea started on his music career in Everett, WA at the tender age of eight when his parents bought him his first clarinet. In junior high school he soon discovered that girls thought the saxophone was much cooler than the clarinet and Mike switched to tenor sax. By High School he was playing lead tenor in the school’s stage band.

While attending the Northwest High School band festival in 1967 he was selected for the festival All Star band by none other than Quincy Jones, future record producer for Michael Jackson and the Thriller album. Quincy liked Mike’s tenor solo in the All Star band enough to write a note to Mike’s band director telling him he enjoyed Mike’s solo. Mike also won the John Phillip Sousa award as the top band musician in high school.

In 1991 Mike moved to Olympia, WA, quickly joining up with Olympia’s Johnny Lewis Swing Band as their lead tenor saxophonist. During his tenure with Johnny Lewis, Mike had the opportunity to play with many top big band and jazz artists including Joe Lovano, lead tenor with Woody Herman’s Thundering Herd; George Thow, trumpeter with Lawrence Welk’s band; and Dave Shriver, bassist for Eddie Cochran and Trini Lopez.

Mike left the big band scene 2007 and started playing in local performing bands including The Blues Bentley Band, Bruce Maier Band, and many other local groups. Mike has shared the stage with several national artists including Lee Oskar from War and Claudette King (BB King’s daughter). Mike joined the Blues County Sheriff in 2015 and is currently rocking the Pacific Northwest with the Sheriff.